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Yes sour!

Time Out rounds up foods that make your mouth water

Lime wafers
Spuds never tasted spunkier. Camy’s potato wafers are coated with a limey masala mix that will leave you smacking your lips. The pudina-flavoured ones are terribly addictive too.

Camy Shop, Nos 5 & 6, Oxford Centre, Near Colaba Market, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba (+91 22 2202 0939). Also at Kemp’s Corner (+91 22 2388 1404), Mahim (+91 22 2444 6072), Khar (+91 22 2604 1178) and Lokhandwala (+91 22 2639 6316). Daily 10am-10pm.

Lollypop paint shop and double drops
The tag line should give you some idea of how potent Warheads products are: “Authentic. Extreme. Sour.” They have candy too but our favourites are the double drops and the lollypop paint shop, a lolly in the shape of a paint brush that you dunk into a pail of super-sour candy powder that crackles in your mouth. Granted it’s childish, but it is genius nonetheless. Double drops comprise two plastic containers with eye-dropper holes that dispense blueberry-watermelon liquid. Remember, slow squirts are the way to go. Squish too hard and you’ll pucker up like the cross-eyed person on the previous page.

Rakhangi Stores, Khanna House, Worli Seaface, RG Thadani Street (+91 22 2493 5439). Daily 8am-9.30pm. R160.

Golgappa ice lolly
Mother Dairy’s products are seriously underrated. Take their golgappa lolly for instance. It’s chatpata, chilled and a little more sour than sweet. It might take a few sips of water in between to get you through – the taste can be overwhelming – but you’ll be licking your lips for more the minute you finish.

Available at Mother Dairy outlets. R5.

Lemon mountain
Place two slices of moist vanilla cake one above the other, cement them with a layer of fresh cream in the centre, slather the top generously with thick lemony jelly and garnish with a hint of cocoa powder. There you have it, Theobroma’s lovely lemon mount.

Theobroma, Shop 24, Cusrow Baug, Colaba Causeway, Colaba (+91 22 2287 3778). Daily 8.30am-11pm. R75.

Choco-lemon cups
Unlike most lemon tarts, Celebrations’ little swirls of lemon filling don’t come in cups of baked crust but ones made of dark chocolate. Perfectly sized for a midday indulgence, the dark chocolate adds a velvety texture and brings out the best of the lemony flavour.

Available at Celebrations Fine Confections Tirupati Building, near Godrej Nature’s Basket, Breach Candy (+91 98704 02901). Daily 10am-11.30pm. R30.

Lemon drops
In an age when cupcakes are more dressed up than Barbie dolls, Celebrations’ little cakes might seem somewhat vanilla. They have no creamy frosting or shimmery sugar glaze, no artistically placed strawberries or marzipan stars. But what they lack in flash they make up for with a heart of lush lemon and blueberry preserve that’s somewhere between jam and jelly. It’s not so tangy that it overwhelms the taste of the lovely cake – just tangy enough to make it interesting. That’ll teach you never to judge a cup cake by its icing.

Available at Celebrations Fine Confections. See choco-lemon cups for address. R40.

Sol kadi
Made with the purple kokum fruit and garlic with just the hint of green chilli, Raju’s Malwani sol kadi is the perfect balance of the soothing coconut and tingly kokum kick. Drunk slightly chilled, it has the ability to send subjects into a state of blissful paralysis. Jai Hind Lunch Home’s sol kadi is pretty good too.

Jai Hind Lunch Home 1/23, Kubal Niwas, Gokhale Road (N) Dadar (W) (+91 99670 98732). Daily 7.30-11.30pm. R12.

Tom yam chilli paste
Blue Elephant’s tom yam paste takes a little more effort than a teaspoon and water but the results are well worth it. A heady mix of galangal, kafir lime, shallots, tamarind and shrimp paste, this aromatic soup is what we’d imagine a Thai rasam tastes like. Slurp it up in a large mug or throw in a handful of noodles to make a meal of it. Garnish with plenty of fresh coriander.

Available at Godrej Nature’s Basket outlets in Bandra (+91 22 2642 5050), World Trade Centre (+91 22 4002 4006), Warden Road (+91 22 2352 6775), Powai (+91 22 2570 7706) and Lokhandwala (+91 22 2630 0766). Daily 7.30am-10pm. R160.

South Indians take their thayir sadam very seriously. One of the few things that get side space apart from the trusty mango pickle (or manga oorga as it’s called in Tamil) is narthangai. These are just wedges of citron – the big cousin to lime – sun-dried with plenty of salt. It doesn’t look very appetising but the salty, preserved limes are the perfect accompaniment for the milky curd rice.

Available at Matunga market. R25.

Tomato rasam paste
Among the foodie pick-me-ups that line our work desk is Sri Ganeshram’s 777 tomato rasam paste. An unlikely candidate, you’d imagine. We did too, until we first scooped up a teaspoon of the paste into a mug of boiling water. Piping hot, it has cloves of garlic, chillies and mushy tomatoes floating on the thin layer of oil. It may not be like the real thing, but it’ll do as instant chicken soup for the South Indian soul.

Available at Annapoorneshwari Stores, 20D, Mahavir Building, near Matunga Post Office, Bhandarkar Road, Matunga (E) (+91 22 2402 4753). Tue-Sun 8am-8.30pm. R49.50 for 300 gms.

Radically sour travel sweets
They look harmless enough, like those boiled sweets the corner store stocks in large glass bottles. But they’re deadly. Just one of these little yellow, orange and lime green sweets will make you scrunch your face so tight you’ll have a temporary unibrow. Worry not: the acid kick dies out in under a minute. It’s just a regular sweet after that – and you’ll be glad for that.

Available at Rakhangi Stores. See Lollypop paint shop for address. R170.

Imli goli
Long slices of raw mango and imli doused with chilli and salt wrapped in newspaper wrinkled from holding them too tight. There was a time when imli-goli sweets on a flight would remind us of deals made with the snack-cart man outside school. It was nostalgia at its tartest. Now, every time we come across the little tamarind sweets, we find ourselves getting nostalgic about the time flight attendants used to dole them out for free on the airplane. These taste just as good.

Available at most dry fruit stores. R30 for a pack of 20.

Takuwan is a popular Japanese pickle made from daikon radish preserved in salt, vinegar and rice bran extract. Traditionally served as an accompaniment to miso soup and sticky rice, takuwan also makes for a great addition to Asian-themed sandwiches and salads. It has a satisfying crunchy texture, a tangy flavour and is a rich source of vitamin B. Plus it’s fun to say takuwan.

Available at Godrej Nature’s Basket outlets. See Tom yam chili paste for address. R260.

By Neha Sumitran on November 17 2011

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