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Five things to do in Mumbai today

Latest Mumbai restaurant reviews

Tilt All Day

Stilted Tilting

Asian Street Kitchen

Sanitized and modified street food.

Eddies Bistro
Eddie’s Bistro

Pricey, but worth it

Films in Mumbai cinemas now

Film Review: Divergent

Divergent doesn’t have nearly enough for its star to do

Film Review: Transcendence

You won’t be able to follow Transcendence's multiple subplots

Review: Oculus

For all its genre delights, Oculus is little more than a well-tooled...

Latest Mumbai bar, pub & club reviews

The White Owl

Just short of a hoot

Bottle Bar

Not a bottle worth uncorking

Drunken Munkey

Pre-game here before ending your night elsewhere


Timeless charm

Love Letters isn’t just the title of Metronomy’s new album. It’s also how...


Grey Area

Aditi Mangaldas’ latest production draws on the past and present...


Shops We Love

Time Out staffers traipse through Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai and come up...