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Latest Mumbai restaurant reviews

Review: Aqaba

Middle-eastern to share and savour

Review: Fat Man’s Café

The limited bag of tricks wears thin

Review: Tiffinbox Etc

For days when your own tiffin gets boring

Films in Mumbai cinemas now

Film review: 22 Jump Street

The plot and action scenes might be less than tight but this follow-up...

Film review: Hercules

Hercules barely hangs together by its meagrely sketched characters and...

Film review: Kick

Nawazuddin Siddiqui gives us a delectable baddie, but the bizarre...

Latest Mumbai bar, pub & club reviews

Bar Review: Harry's Bar

Lose your voice trying to order over the music, soothe your throat with...

Review: Tilt All Day

Stilted Tilting

The White Owl

Just short of a hoot


Polar express

Mumbai hardcore band Reverrse Polarity talk to Time Out about their...



It’s a successful experiment, and one worth emulating


Hot tropic

Embrace floral, fruity, foliage and animal accents this season

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